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About EnvironBuzz™ Mag Sustainability Magazine

About EnvironBuzz

EnvironBuzz™ Mag is an online magazine owned by EnvironFocus™. We communicate perspectives and news on sustainability (environmental, social and economics) from a global perspective. We also use this platform to recognize/showcase clients and other organizations, impacting our ecosystem positively.

EnvironBuzz™ Mag is meeting the growing need among organizations and individuals, for reliable and easy-to-understand information on how to be more sustainable/green.

Our Objectives:

  • Provide accurate and easy-to-understand information on
    sustainability topics, by breaking-down scientific research into
    layman’s term
  • Provide a global perspective on sustainability issues
  • Provide practical solutions to sustainability issues to enhance
    action at individual, organizational, societal, and government
  • Provide a platform to advertise sustainable businesses
  • Provide a platform for students/academics to publish articles

Our Mission

To position EnvironBuzz as a reference sustainability magazine internationally for the general public

Our Target Audience

Our target audience include:

  • All individuals with an interest in sustainability (professionals,
    students, etc)
  • Organizations seeking to improve their sustainability
  • Organizations with a positive sustainability impact
  • University students or staffs doing research on a sustainability

Our Completive Advantage

  • The vast array of topics addressed in articles
  • The writing style, which strives to remain simple, understandable, and practical for the general public, yet while providing accurate information
  • The frequency of publishing new articles (3-5 articles every week)
  • Articles are written by sustainability professionals with diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, which maintains a global and diverse perspective on topics and insights
  • The growing size and diverse origin of the audience
  • The competitive cost of advertising

About EnvironBuzz Mag

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