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Water is Life – Operation Mmiri, An ESG Project

Water is Life - Operation Mmiri, An ESG Project

A business’s viability is no longer dependent on the products or services provided but is also significantly affected by the environmental and social impacts accompanying these products and services. This change results from business stakeholders (consumers, employees, communities, regulators, etc.) showing a growing interest in sustainability issues such as climate […]

Synertium – Providing Sustainability Project Management Services

This article featuring our partnering organization Synertium is authored by Marc-André Bélisle, Founder and Lead Project Manager at Synertium Like many, we see and hope that this moment in history is a turning point. And that entrepreneurship plays a huge role in catalyzing this socio-economic transformation. There are many wonderful […]

Lunch & Learn Series: Demystifying ESG & Sustainability

Demystifying ESG & Sustainability

Are you struggling to understand and apply ESG or sustainability concepts to your organization? Do you need help understanding how to apply SASB or GRI standards? Are you seeking to improve your organization’s ESG or sustainability performance but unsure where to start? Or are you even uncertain what ESG or […]

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