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Author: Leslie Fotso

Leslie holds a Masters of Science degree in Environmental Practice. Her experience in the environmental sector ranges from various roles in environmental laboratories, mining industries, and consulting. Leslie is passionate about using her knowledge and skills to develop and implement initiatives which will enable the economy to thrive while enhancing the natural environment and the society.
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Small Businesses: Four Roadblocks to Sustainability

Despite the growing awareness around sustainability in the business world, small businesses continue to be lagging behind their larger counterparts when it comes to practice. Large corporations often have the necessary resources to adopt sustainable business practices, with many of them even having the luxury of a dedicated in-house sustainability […]

Sustainable Buildings: “The World’s Best New Skyscraper”

world’s best new skyscraper

Architecture and construction are sectors that demand tremendous innovation in order to address the unprecedented challenges humanity faces, namely climate change, population growth and urbanization. Dutch architects seem to have mastered the art of thinking-out-of-the box, as their contemporary designs reflect great innovation, and act as an inspiration globally. I […]

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