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Author: Sarah Lawless

Sarah graduated from Ryerson University (now Toronto Metropolitan University) in 2022. She holds an Honours Bachelors degree in Environment and Urban Sustainability with a minor in Geographic Analysis. With a professional background in urban sustainability, Sarah is passionate about education, food security, and green development and aspires to use and share her knowledge to help cities become more accessible and sustainable.
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Sustainable Manufacturing of Personal Products: Toothpaste Case Study

Personal products are the products we use daily. The first thing someone may think of when they hear “personal products” are products used in personal hygiene and personal care. These products have made themselves staples in our routine and as there aren’t often alternatives to these products, taking a look […]

Children’s Toys: Heavy Metals in Manufacturing

Children’s toys are pertinent to learning and understanding the world. Concern should strike when these toys start threatening instead of helping these children’s well-being. Many toys children play with worldwide often contain harmful materials and chemicals that threaten human health. Though research is still limited, it has been identified that […]

Food Packaging: Improving Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Food waste is an increasing global issue; with the introduction of new innovative food packaging, this issue has the potential to be absolved. It has been calculated that over one-third of food produced globally ends up as food waste. In the EU, that equates to around 100 million tons of […]

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