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Author: Simon Lindsay-Stodart

Simon is currently studying sustainability at McGill University with a minor in Political Science. He is passionate about sustainable urban development, state-level action, and individual sustainable lifestyle changes. He has been a passionate advocate for climate change prevention since he was very young, and likes to present ways to solve the problems we face as a society and as individuals.
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How We Can Overcome the Challenges to Wind and Solar Energy

Renewable energy is a hot topic in today’s society. Proponents highlight the need to shift to renewables, while those opposed highlight the issues with the technology. But, with their reduced emissions, reduced human and environmental health impacts, and long-term viability, there is no question that renewables are the future. Oil […]

The Willow Project Has Been Approved, How Will This Affect Global Environmentalism?

On March 13th, 2023, the Biden administration approved the Willow project. Despite its unthreatening name, this project is anything but good for the environment. ConocoPhillips, an American oil company, sought approval to extract around 600 million barrels of oil on Alaska’s northern slope. This oil would generate as many emissions […]

How Advertising is Killing the Planet – And How We Can Stop It

Everyone’s mind is constantly being bombarded with advertisements. Whether it’s for a new truck, the latest hamburger, or a home product that isn’t really needed, it’s hard to escape the barrage of commercials streaming out of every screen, page, and billboard we look at. And they’re effective too! The average […]

The Tiny Superhero – How Algae can Help Fight the Climate Crisis

Trees are a great way to pull carbon out of the atmosphere, cool cities down, and relieve stress. But what if there was a way to remove carbon 400 times more efficiently than trees? Enter algae. What is Algae? How can we Use it to Reduce Carbon? Algae is found […]

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