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Category: Climate Change

The Willow Project Has Been Approved, How Will This Affect Global Environmentalism?

On March 13th, 2023, the Biden administration approved the Willow project. Despite its unthreatening name, this project is anything but good for the environment. ConocoPhillips, an American oil company, sought approval to extract around 600 million barrels of oil on Alaska’s northern slope. This oil would generate as many emissions […]

SCAN’s 14-Day Campaign Day 11 – Mitigation Strategies

The Sustainable Development Goal 13 states that: “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”. This SDG will require innovation, strategy, technology and global partnerships. The following mitigation strategies, in theory, will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally if appropriately applied: 1. Fossil fuel substitution: Fossil fuels account […]

SCAN’s 14-Day Campaign Day 10 – Climate Change; Mitigation

Climate change mitigation refers to any actions or efforts to reduce or prevent the long-term risks of climate change on human life and property by reducing the sources or enhancing the sinks of greenhouse gas emissions (Coastal Management, 2019). In short, it means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These gases […]

SCAN’s 14-Day Campaign | DAY 9 – Adaptive Capacity Enhancement

Our climate is undeniably changing, and it becomes increasingly imperative for us to adapt to these changes. Unmitigated climate change will eventually exceed the capacity for natural, managed, and human systems to adapt to. This is why we need to enhance or scale up our adaptive capacities to tackle climate […]

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