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Lunch & Learn Series: Demystifying ESG & Sustainability

Demystifying ESG & Sustainability

Are you struggling to understand and apply ESG or sustainability concepts to your organization? Do you need help understanding how to apply SASB or GRI standards? Are you seeking to improve your organization’s ESG or sustainability performance but unsure where to start? Or are you even uncertain what ESG or […]

Four Core Components of an Environmental Management System

Businesses around the world are increasingly affected by more stringent environmental regulations governing their activities. In addition to this, an increasing number of business stakeholders (consumers, employees, communities, etc.) are showing growing interest for matters such as the environmental impacts which accompany the goods and services provided by businesses (Zorpas, […]

Water Insecurity: Why Carry Water When You Can Roll It?

Can you believe women and girls around the world collectively spend over 200 million hours every day to fetch water? UNICEF describes this as a colossal waste of valuable time (2016). This is equivalent to over 8.3 million days, or 22,800 years of valuable time and opportunity collectively wasted every […]

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