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Category: Environment

Environmental Racism in Canada

Environmental racism is the term used to describe environmental laws, regulations, or practices that unintentionally or intentionally disadvantage certain racial or ethnic groups, individuals, or communities. There are still gaps in regions under federal control, despite several provinces and territories having “environmental bills of rights” and legislative frameworks for addressing […]

Water Pollution from Manufacturing

Industrial waste is the largest contributor to water pollution, which comes from waste generated from industrial processes. This waste includes garbage, oils, chemicals, dirt, concrete, scrap metals, etc., which contaminates water sources. While manufacturers may pollute water directly, others may pollute water indirectly. When  waste and pollutants are left on […]

Integrating Technology Into Nature

Nature is all around us; it makes up the physical world where  we live. We depend on this vital resource for our health, livelihood, and well-being. More than half of the world’s total GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is highly dependent on nature and its ecosystem services. Currently, the economic cost […]

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