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Sustainable Manufacturing of Personal Products: Toothpaste Case Study

Personal products are the products we use daily. The first thing someone may think of when they hear “personal products” are products used in personal hygiene and personal care. These products have made themselves staples in our routine and as there aren’t often alternatives to these products, taking a look […]

The Sustainability of Clothing Manufacturing

The clothing and textile manufacturing industry is a sector that has existed to some capacity for hundreds of years. Over time the manufacturing process has been streamlined and made highly cost-efficient to improve production rates and profit margins. However, these changes have exuded various health and environmental concerns worldwide. It […]

Pesticides’ Effect on Bees 

Bees are integral to keeping global ecosystems thriving. They act as primary pollinators for agricultural and wild plants. These mighty insects are heavily relied on for pollinating our food supply. In Europe, 84% of productive crops depend on pollinators for successful crop yield. The bee demonstrates its importance as the […]

Duckweed & Wastewater Remediation

Duckweed is a common aquatic plant that offers invaluable assistance in water management. It is a free-floating plant that is significantly cost-effective and known for its phytoremediation capabilities. It is commonly found in paddy fields and ponds and thrives in eutrophic waters. Duckweed has already been identified as a successful […]

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