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Environmental Racism in Canada

Environmental racism is the term used to describe environmental laws, regulations, or practices that unintentionally or intentionally disadvantage certain racial or ethnic groups, individuals, or communities. There are still gaps in regions under federal control, despite several provinces and territories having “environmental bills of rights” and legislative frameworks for addressing […]

Children’s Toys: Heavy Metals in Manufacturing

Children’s toys are pertinent to learning and understanding the world. Concern should strike when these toys start threatening instead of helping these children’s well-being. Many toys children play with worldwide often contain harmful materials and chemicals that threaten human health. Though research is still limited, it has been identified that […]

The Issue of Eutrophication: A Case Study of Lake Erie

Have you ever encountered a green water body with an abundance of algae floating on the surface? That is a significant symptom of eutrophication. An increasing number of lakes and water bodies look like this globally, including some of our most crucial bodies of water.  What is Eutrophication? Eutrophication is […]

Migrant Farmworkers in Canada are Exposed to Higher Risks

migrant farmworkers

Canada relies heavily on migrant farmworkers to carry out agricultural labour across the nation. About 613,200 foreign nationals in Canada held work permits in 2016, with the agriculture industry being one of the main recipients of these workers. Nearly a quarter of agriculture workers in Canada are foreign workers. Unfortunately, […]

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