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SCAN’s 14- Day Campaign DAY 8 – Adaptive Measures

The effects of climate change in Canada have certainly not gone unnoticed as specific adaptation measures have been implemented to address the issue. An overview of some of these measures includes: (a) making climate change information and education more widely available; (b) investing in natural infrastructure that protects the country […]

SCAN’s Climate Action Awareness Campaign 2023

SCAN’s Climate Action Awareness Campaign (SCAN) is a 14-day virtual event scheduled on social media from March 1 – 14, 2023. The topic is Climate Change – Adaptation and Mitigation with a spotlight on Bill C-226  (National Strategy to address environmental racism Act). SCAN (Sustainable Community Aid Network) is a […]

Environmental Racism in Canada

Environmental racism is the term used to describe environmental laws, regulations, or practices that unintentionally or intentionally disadvantage certain racial or ethnic groups, individuals, or communities. There are still gaps in regions under federal control, despite several provinces and territories having “environmental bills of rights” and legislative frameworks for addressing […]

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