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SCAN’s 14-Day Campaign Day 10 – Climate Change; Mitigation

Climate change mitigation refers to any actions or efforts to reduce or prevent the long-term risks of climate change on human life and property by reducing the sources or enhancing the sinks of greenhouse gas emissions (Coastal Management, 2019). In short, it means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These gases […]

SCAN’s 14-Day Campaign | DAY 9 – Adaptive Capacity Enhancement

Our climate is undeniably changing, and it becomes increasingly imperative for us to adapt to these changes. Unmitigated climate change will eventually exceed the capacity for natural, managed, and human systems to adapt to. This is why we need to enhance or scale up our adaptive capacities to tackle climate […]

SCAN’s 14- Day Campaign DAY 8 – Adaptive Measures

The effects of climate change in Canada have certainly not gone unnoticed as specific adaptation measures have been implemented to address the issue. An overview of some of these measures includes: (a) making climate change information and education more widely available; (b) investing in natural infrastructure that protects the country […]

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