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This article featuring our partnering organization Dream Makers is authored by Guylaine Beauchemin, Founder and CEO of Dream Makers Crowdfunding Academy/Platform.

While managing a business, entrepreneurs are constantly confronted in front of many obstacles. And the biggest obstacle is money. They are always looking for solutions and thinking out of the box. Their positive mindset helps them to provoke opportunities to go further in their projects.

Another thing, they surround themselves with faithful employees, collaborators, and partners. But in some ways, it’s not enough for the project’s living. They need money to create prototypes and need more money to commercialize their products.

Imagine startups? The ones who start alone in their basement. They have a great idea to help the world! They have an idea that brings the solution to a problem, and they have an idea that benefits people. But, sometimes, the project does not go further. Unfortunately, it stops and dies.

They try to have a bank loan, grant, and sponsorships, but they may need a different way.

Now, let me explain why Dream Makers Academy and Platform have been created.

Everything started with missing money for a project. At the time, in 2016, Guylaine Beauchemin wanted to upgrade and improve her Web TV. So, she did her first crowdfunding campaign without knowing what to do. But she had already fundraised for many projects in the past. So, for her, it wasn’t complicated.

She won her first crowdfunding campaign, but a service provider has blocked her money from the platform.

She didn’t stop there. She did another crowdfunding campaign, succeeded again, and got her money back into her bank account. That’s why she started the academy in 2018. She added the crowdfunding platform in 2022 to bring an excellent tool for their clients.

The academy will help you to create the sketch and the campaign strategy. Then, it will propose to you a plan to start your crowdfunding campaign. Finally, the academy team will assist you, while the experts you need will prepare the campaign for you to be on the right track.

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