EKCEP Spring 2022 Session: SDG 11

EKCEP Spring 2022 Session: SDG 11

Would you want your youth to be a part of a hands-on experience that allows them to collaborate with other youths from different countries to address sustainability issues?

Welcome to EKCEP! A youth program that provides transformative educational experiences to youths from developing and developed nations. It connects students to learn about, discuss and solve sustainability issues through a sustainability project. The underlying philosophy of EKCEP is that the youths have a role to play, and it is our duty to provide them with the resources to do so.

EKCEP Spring 2022 session started on April 25, 2022, and it will run for nine weeks, and we are currently in week 4. We introduced the UN2030 Agenda and the SDGs, emphasizing SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and the EKCEP objectives to the students. Our goal is to provide students with the help of their teachers with the resources (knowledge) they need to help find solutions that can aid the effective transformation of the world into a better place for all. The students will work together to raise funds for a project aligned with SDG 11.

Learning Outcomes for EKCEP Spring Session

The students’ projects will develop and implement in their communities and address specific problems. The proposed outcomes will be measurable and achievable, activities carried out are result-oriented, and the project selected will be completed within the timeframe. The learning outcomes are as follows: 

By the end of the session, the students will:

Broad outcomes:

  • Increase awareness of environmental/ sustainability issues and actions that the youth can take to improve their environmental sustainability performance. Reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Increase their capacity, knowledge, skills, and reach to deliver on-the-ground projects that improve the environmental sustainability performance of communities

Specific outcomes: 

  • Develop an understanding of cultures and associated challenges.
  • Identify commonalities and differences.
  • Develop empathy for one another.
  • Discuss UN 2030 and how achieving SDG 11 can make communities more sustainable
  • Develop, fundraise for, and implement a project of their choice based on SDG 11 
  • Understand the need for inclusivity of diverse cultures in decision-making

Participating Students and Activities

The current students participant are from:

1.) David Suzuki Secondary School Brampton, Canada; 

2.) Central Peel Secondary School Brampton and 

3.) Value Spring College, Okota, Lagos. 

The students interact via the EKCEP portal (an online platform). Educational content, guest presentations, and learning activities are available via the portal. The students have $1000 worth of prizes to win.

EKCEP Spring 2022 Session: SDG 11
Cash prizes

EKCEP Spring Session Partner

This Spring session is funded partly by the Sustainable Community Aid Network (SCAN). They are sponsoring the cash prizes for the best projects. SCAN– EKCEP collaboration aims to expand the program’s reach to black and racialized communities in Canada. SCAN, a Canadian non-profit assisting in the sustainable development of communities, uses an intersectional framework that integrates the environmental, social-cultural, and economic issues affecting under-served demographics, focusing on visible minority groups. 

Contact Us

EKCEP runs four times per year. Organizations, schools, and individuals interested in sponsoring students in their communities to partake in the program this Summer or other sessions should email ekcep@environbuzz.com or call 1-833-939-8435. You can view more information about the program at www.ekcep.ca.

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