EKCEP Spring Session 2022: Sustainable Development Goal 11 ” Sustainable Cities and Communities”- Edition

The EKCEP Spring Session 2022: Sustainable Development Goal 11 ” Sustainable Cites and Communities”- Edition concluded on June 17, 2022. The student’s learning of the topic, “Sustainable Cities and Communities” (Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 11) under the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” was evaluated by members of the program and the participating schools (Value Spring College in Africa, Nigeria and Central Peel Secondary School in Canada, Ontario. According to the evaluation, the program exceeded the intended learning outcomes and goals set at the start of the program

EKCEP Activities 

In line with the evaluation, it is right to say that the students assimilated the required fundamental knowledge and skills through the completion of:

  1. Series of engaging learning experiences that included scavenger hunts, forum discussions, project fundraisers and zoom meetings with international experts. The international expert was Azeezat Afinowi-Subair (Asst. Chief Scientific Officer at Lagos State Ministry of the Environment) and Julius Lindsay (Director, Sustainable Communities at David Suzuki Foundation)
  2. International development projects that provided much-needed assistance to a developing country with inadequate social welfare systems. They successfully raised enough funds via GoFundMe and Donate-Ng to provide the following:
    • 3 Gardening Kits were distributed throughout the participant’s community in Canada, Ontario
    • 3 Waste Disposal Bins: were distributed 1 bin for a Park, and 2 bins for a Police Stations in Africa, Nigeria
    • 2 Sewing Machines were donated to a local church in Africa, Nigeria
    • 2 Bags of Rice, 2 Bags of Beans, 1 Carton of Oil, and 1 Bag of Salt, were donated to a Resettlement Camp in Africa, Nigeria

Learning Transferred from the EKCEP Spring Session 2022 : Sustainable Development Goal 11 ” Sustainable Cities and Communities”- Edition

The learning transferred to the student was substantial because they left with a clear understanding of their role as Youths in aiding the achievement of the UN 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, specifically SDG 11 (Sustainable Cites and Communities) and its connection to poverty alleviation. This program has developed their self-confidence, which has led to self-growth and increased wiliness to transfer and apply knowledge learnt in their communities. 

Testimonies from the participants of the EKCEP Spring Session 2022:

Please click the link here to view Question 2: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CfpP25WD1VX/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

EKCEP Spring Session 2022 Students Review of the Program:

Student: T. M

“Coming to the end of the Spring 2022 EKCEP exchange program for SDG #11, I can say I have learned a lot. I have learned about the impacts of urban development from humans on the environment, as well as the perspectives of other experts and knowledgeable people on this issue. Moreover, I learned multiple forms to help with achieving UN SDG Goal #11. From gardening within households to the building of large sustainable infrastructure can all contribute to safe and reliable communities. Overall, I think this course was definitely worth my time. I had a great time learning new things as well as challenging myself to see what a youth individual like myself can do to contribute to achieving SDG #11. I think the course did a great job in promoting what youth can do for their future to be healthier and more sustainable. The only unfortunate event that occurred for me was the lack of group support for the fundraiser and donations. It was unfortunate to say that only I and another group member (Varshini Modina) were actively working in Group A. I can say we could have done much better with more group support. However, we got a large amount of help from the ECKEP staff. Through this course, I heavily improved my knowledge of the overall subject. I learned the importance of keeping healthy communities and how the lack of sustainable communities can lead to pressuring consequences. One thing I would change about the course is the timings set for guest speakers. For the guest speaker events in this course, I was unable to attend them as I was in school during those time frames. I think next time the timings should be set for when it is attainable to all participants. However, overall I am excitedly waiting for the next exchange program by EKCEP.”

Student I. I

“I really learned a lot from the course because I was given the opportunity to delve deeper into the difficulties that my country faces and find a tangible solution that I can implement and be proud that I have made a difference. The aim and objective of this course were to teach us to develop and create sustainable cities and communities and I think that it has been achieved for me, I can now gladly say that I am making a difference in my community and country as a whole. I would not change a thing for this course because it has been arranged in a format that enables me to follow up and learn about each of the following activities that were presented each week.”

Student N.E

“The knowledge I’ve acquired so far is outstanding. I got to learn a whole lot more about ideas that have a high probability of sustaining our communities as well as interacting with Azeezat Afinowi-Subair, the Assistant Director of the Climate Change Unit of the Ministry of the Environment of Lagos. She exposed to us what her unit was all about which caused us to think and refine the flaws in our project.”

As a result of the success of EKCEP Spring Session 2022: Sustainable Development Goal 11 ” Sustainable Cities and Communities”- Edition, we are empowered to continue the work we have started. We are currently working on the EKCEP Fall Program beginning in September 2022, expect more information soon. Information about EKCEP can be seen at www.environfocus.com/EKCEP or send an email to info@ekcep.ca

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