Energy Efficiency – 5 Ways to be More Energy Efficient

Energy Efficiency is performing the same day-to-day tasks with less energy. For example, energy-efficient homes, cars, and buildings aim to conserve energy when used while still producing the same result as if there was no energy conservation. Taking the necessary actions to improve your energy efficiency supports the environment, saves money, and improves community resilience.

Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

  1. Mitigates Climate Change

Climate change is imminent, and with the current climate disasters increasing in severity, society needs to act now to ensure that humanity does not exhaust all of its resources. The production of energy heavily relies on natural resources and results in Carbon emissions, as a result, taking steps to reduce energy production and consumption will  lead to the conservation of natural resources and decrease carbon emissions, thereby mitigating climate change

2. Cost Effective 

Today, the cost of using electricity in our homes for activities such as heating, cooking, laundry, etc., are high. By purchasing energy-efficient appliances, there will be a reduction in energy being utilized and a decrease in the amount of money spent on running energy-intensive appliances (Energy Efficiency n.d.). For example, changing  your light bulbs to LEDs which are more energy efficient and last up to 3.5 times longer than other bulbs, could save households 100$ a year and decrease carbon emissions (Shin, 2018). Another example is the use of an energy efficient water heating pump, which could save a household up to $3500 over the lifetime of the appliance (Energy Star, n.d.). These examples illustrate that the investment made in purchasing an energy-efficient appliance saves you money and energy.

3. Improves Community Resilience 

It is essential that communities  invest in energy-efficient programs to support marginalized people and address energy equity. This will lift the financial burden of a person(s) who cannot afford the required energy technologies ( Energy Star, n.d.). Neighborhoods advocating for energy efficiency within their communities can suggest that a portion of the money allocated towards spending on energy be better spent on purchasing energy-efficient appliances instead (Energy Efficiency, n.d.). By incorporating energy-efficient appliances into new homes, families will be positively impacted and will not have to carry a financial burden of energy costs. Thus, it is vital to serve and bring marginalized communities energy-efficient technologies needed to help save them money and the environment (Energy Efficiency, n.d.). 

Now it is your turn! Here are five ways you can become more energy efficient in your day-to-day activities (Adapted from Direct Energy and ColaSolar)

  1. Turn off all the lights when you leave your room/home. This saves your money and keeps your light bulbs from blowing out too fast. 
  2. Unplug all your appliances when they are not being used. Many devices draw on energy when they are not being used. To conserve energy, make sure you unplug your appliances. This goes for your phone, laptop, and other electronics and household appliances. 
  3. Make the switch to LEDs light bulbs. “They are energy efficient and last 100 times longer than a regular light bulb”(Cola Solar, n.d.)
  4. Make sure your appliances are energy efficient.
  5. As we are heading into summer with the hot weather, opt to cool down your home as much as possible using energy free strategies such as closing the blinds, shades, and drapes.


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    3 Jun 2022

    Beautifully written Angelica. There should be more programs introducing and guiding communities into energy-efficient living. Home efficiency upgrades can enable one receive rebates and returns on investment. But even more than money-saving, I appreciate that you mentioned its role in mitigating climate change. Energy truly is responsible for a lot of resource extraction and use, so re-directing our efforts to living more sustainably can help with that. I will definitely imbibe these practices in my daily life!

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