Why EnvironFocus Show and Tell?

“Every continent is valuable beyond measure. Each continent has a specific ‘purpose’ that no other continent can fulfill. If continents live their ‘purpose’ and in the process sharing fairly: knowledge, skill and resources with other continents, our world will be a better place“~ Obie Agusiegbe

Applying the above quote, Canada being a multicultural society is made up of people from different continents – part of the celebrated Canadian brand. Many cultures promote innovative ideas and practices that promote a green lifestyle.  Imagine being able to harness and transfer these knowledge, skills and resources to residents…

EnvironFocus Show and Tell harnesses these green ideas, products and services gleaned from different Canadian cultures and transfers this knowledge to the public via our social media community – EnvironBuzz and at the event for the good of ourselves and our children. The ability to share knowledge – indigenous or new is a solution in itself towards adapting and mitigating climate change.

EnvironFocus Show and Tell serves to promote green business and the people behind them. The green business is the underdog and need all the help they can get to get their products and services to mainstream.

EnvironFocus Show and Tell promotes green ideas and initiatives. No one has all the answers. Everyone has something to offer including children in the fight to keep our environment safe for ourselves and our children.

Support our cause of bringing green/sustainability to mainstream. For information about the EnvironFocus Show and Tell go to www.environfocus.com/show-tell/. For information about how to be a green vendor, visit: www.environfocus.com/green-vendors/. To see possible vendor ideas visit: www.environfocus.com/vendor-ideas/. To sponsor our events visit: http://www.environfocus.com/show-tell/sponsorshippackage/.  For more information about EnvironFocus and what we do visit: www.environfocus.com

“People did wrong by the environment but it is also the People that will do right by the environment”

~ Obie Agusiegbe

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