Fostering Sustainable Communities

Fostering Sustainable Communities

A sustainable community manages its human, natural, and financial capital to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are available for future generations.

Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC)

All citizens need access to clean air, safe drinking water, and economic prosperity in their communities. Sustainable communities provide individuals a safe place to live and the ability to choose and be involved in decisions that affect their lives. A sustainable community considers all human needs without leaving any person or concern unattended to. It is a place where people of different backgrounds can meet and feel included.

Elements of a Sustainable Community

The ISC in 1995 (What Is a Sustainable Community? – Institute for Sustainable Communities, n.d.) created 4 aspects in that need to be included when fostering a sustainable city and they are:

  1. Leadership, civic engagement, and responsibility
  2. Ecological Integrity
  3. Economic Security
  4. Social Well-Being

Look over these points highlighted by the ISC. Which ones as an individual do you see or what points can be improved upon within your community?

  1. Leadership, civic engagement, and responsibility
    1. Encompasses an equal chance to participate in and contribute to any decisions being made within the community
    2. Access to public information
    3. A community that respects religions, gender, and ethnicity
  2. Ecological Integrity
    1. Access to clean air and water
    2. Protection of ecosystems and land resources
    3. Resources are not being used at a faster rate than they can be replenished
  3. Economic Security
    1. Employment Opportunities
    2. Adequate job training and resources
    3. Stable economy with the ability to grow for small businesses
  4. Social Well-Being
    1. Sufficient Resources and availability to hospitals, medication, food, and education for all community members
    2. Providing a safe work environment
    3. A community that is inviting, safe, and welcoming

Action Steps (Adapted From Soulful Concepts)

Here are five actionable steps you can take to ensure a sustainable community!

  1. Form a Community Garden!
    • This forms and fosters good community relationships. It is also a great way to protect the environment by planting locally grown and sourced food. It limits the number of emissions from trucks that drive around to  transport food.
  2. Start a Neighborhood Compost Bin!
    • This forms a beautiful, sustainable community and educates everyone on the importance of composting. It also acts as a garden!
  3. Plant Trees!
    • This is a great social activity and saves the environment because all communities need trees.
    • Planting trees native to the land provides a source of food and habitat for species.
  4. Shop Small Local Businesses!
    • This is a great way to support local businesses and limit the amount of waste produced when manufacturing and shipping goods from other places.
    • Don’t forget to bring your own bags!
  5. Start a Community Trash Pick Up Initiative!/ Shore Line Cleanup!
    • This will make your community clean and healthy and ensure that species’ habitats are healthy and habitable. Also, avoid trash being found in rivers, forests, etc., where it should not be!

Now it is your turn! Choose one or all to start acting on today to make your community sustainable!

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