Funding, Interns and Volunteers

Funding, Interns and Volunteers

Despite business challenges around the COVID pandemic, EnvironFocus has been fortunate to receive funding, hire interns, and work with great volunteers.

Funding Partners

In the current year, we successfully secured funding partners to engage students from Canadian Universities. So far, we have received funding from the Student Work Placement Program run by ECO Canada in alliance with the University of Waterloo Co-op Program and through the Canada Summer Job Program, an initiative of the Youth Employment Strategy, under the Government of Canada.  

This funding partnership provides EnvironFocus an opportunity to improve productivity and service delivery. It allows us to provide social good and contribute to the sustainability sector by helping develop and mentor the future workforce. It also allows us to build stronger connections to educational institutions and improve post-secondary curricula while helping with our short-term work-flow pressures.

We are grateful to ECO Canada and the Government of Canada for providing EnvironFocus with this growth opportunity.

Interns and Volunteers

After an amazing four months, we would like to extend a farewell and appreciation to Suhaavi Kaur, who has been a superstar with us for the past four months as a Co-op student from the University of Waterloo. She officially completed her last day on August 30th and will be returning to University to continue her studies. We would also like to thank Bryan Benny, also from the University of Waterloo. Byran spent eight weeks with us, and we appreciate his time and his excellent contributions. 

We would also like to thank our volunteers Krista Rodrigues, from the University of Ryerson. She has been helping primarily with graphic design and social media management, and Ikenna Agusiegbe, a high school student who has been working on research, social media management, and communications with partners, for offering their time and effort to help EnvironFocus. 

On behalf of our sister organization, Sustainable Community Aid Network (SCAN), we would like to thank Muhammed Talha (Univesity of Toronto), Angela Kegel (University of York), and Jelea Porras (University of Waterloo). We recognize their outstanding contributions to the non-profit, and SCAN hopes to secure some of the grants submitted as a result of their help. 

funding Interns and Volunteers
People in the picture from left to right: Obie Agusiegbe, Krista Rodrigues, Muhammed Talha and Suhaavi Kaur

Lastly, we would like to Introduce our Interns, Terry Leeshanok, who started this week, and Elizabeth Schnurr, who will be joining us mid September. We are happy to have you and excited to working with you both!

Partnerships and opportunities
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Funding, Interns & Volunteers

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