Genetically Modified Grass for Cows to reduce Carbon emissions

I read an article about genetically modified grass as a solution to reducing carbon emission in cow production. I see this solution as an excellent example of human beings making other organisms the problem and changing them (because we can) instead of us, changing our behaviours and our way of life – which IS the real problem.

I definitely do not agree that given our cows genetically modified grass is a solution to reducing the carbon-foot print of raising cows. The solution is definitely not to change the makeup of animals to suit us – humans. Even though it’s the grass been modified and not the animal, once the makeup of their diet is changed, the animal is changed as well. Humans as well as animals are what they eat. You change the animal’s makeup, you therefore will change the makeup of people and organisms that eat the animals, not to talk about other environmental factors that will be affected – just like gmos and bees.

The possible negative effects of these decisions are never published until their negative impacts are being realized. In my opinion, I think the solution lies in managing cow production and education – presenting new food options to the people.

We have lots of other options to get protein. We have to explore it. Working with farmers to limit cow production could be the solution. If we go by natural processes that take place, nature balances species population based on available food in that area. If one specie is overpopulated and runs out of a food source, one of the natural instincts will be to look for a replacement food source.

Nations will not starve because there is limited amount of beef. They will simply find other options. A lot of study is going into insects as a protein source. A lot of communities in the developing world already have insects as part of their diet.

In my view, knowledge sharing between countries and continents is key to combating global warming.

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