Indigenous people – Their Relevance

Indigenous people all over the world have a lot of knowledge and experience to share with the rest of the world. Our current ways of doing things have brought about so much sadness and dysfunction across people, communities, countries and continents. There is so much sickness and death all around as result of environmental and social degradation. Our Eco-system is sick.

So what do we do? We relearn old ways of doing things and merge it with the new, ensuring that our environment, our social structures and economics are given equal consideration. We learn to love earth’s people. We learn to see nature as a thing of wonder and beauty that should be nurtured and preserved. The view of one race or culture being more superior to the other should not be entertained because in truth we rely on each other’s existence to survive. Now, this may sound idealistic but it is a way of life for indigenous people and we can learn because we were once that way as well before we became ‘civilized’. It will have to start with you and me.


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