The London Climate Technology Show 2023

London Climate Technology Show 2023 – The Report

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The London Climate Technology Show 2023, held at ExCeL London in the United Kingdom on September 26-27, 2023, was a significant event in the sustainability and climate technology space. EnvironBuzz Magazine, represented by Obie Agusiegbe, the Editor in Chief of the magazine and CEO of EnvironFocus, played a role as one of the media partners for the event.

The event attracted a large and diverse audience and showcased companies from various parts of the world, all dedicated to demonstrating advanced technologies and methods aimed at promoting sustainability and addressing the global climate crisis.

Key highlights of the event included panel discussions featuring experts in the field and opportunities for companies to present their innovative solutions to potential investors. This platform allowed these companies to secure support for their initiatives, contributing to the advancement of sustainable technologies and practices.

The London Climate Technology Show 2023 highlighted the critical need for collaboration on a global scale to address the climate crisis effectively. It emphasized that there is no universal solution to this complex challenge and that a variety of approaches are required. The event also stressed the importance of involving indigenous communities in the identification and implementation of nature-based solutions, recognizing the positive impact this can have both locally and globally.

As part of their event coverage, EnvironBuzz Magazine conducted interviews with exhibitors, allowing them to introduce their companies and the solutions they offer. The responses from the first 10 exhibitors have been transcribed and will be featured in this article, with more exhibitors to be showcased in future articles.

London Climate Technology Show 2023 Exhibitors

Let’s get to know these great organizations!


IMG 3598 London Climate Technology Show 2023 - The Report

We’re CemFree, and our mission is to revolutionize concrete production by eliminating the need for traditional cement, which is responsible for a staggering 80% of the carbon emissions associated with concrete. If cement were a country, it would rank as the world’s third-largest carbon emitter. At CemFree, we produce an alternative material that replaces cement in concrete, offering all the benefits of traditional concrete without the massive carbon footprint.

Our current product is made from ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS), a waste stream from the steel industry. GGBS is already widely used in construction, making it familiar and well-understood in the industry. We process GGBS with specific chemical treatments to make it act like cement, allowing it to be used in concrete production.


IMG 3596 London Climate Technology Show 2023 - The Report

GreenPeople.Earth is the new avatar of sustainability which allows you to compute, mitigate, communicate your carbon foot print, a service focused on businesses as well as providing deep tech solutions for verifying carbon projects claims using web3 solutions and simple single view wallets with access to world leading projects. 


IMG 3610 London Climate Technology Show 2023 - The Report

We’re Europe’s largest agricultural program focused on helping farmers transition from conventional farming to sustainable and climate-friendly practices. Our primary method is to certify carbon removal and reduction activities on farms and then issue carbon credits to farmers, which they can sell to finance their transition. Our headquarters are in Copenhagen, and we have an office in London, but our work spans across Europe.

Green Carbon

IMG 3556 London Climate Technology Show 2023 - The Report

I’m Matthew Dylan, CEO and Co-founder of Green Carbon, a three-year-old startup with 20 employees. We specialize in carbon assessment, including calculations and roadmaps, as well as measuring the biodiversity impacts of businesses and projects. Additionally, we provide a data platform that allows organizations to calculate emissions and biodiversity impacts within their own systems, like ERP or procurement solutions. Our software platform offers emission factors for specific activities, such as procurement, allowing users to input data and generate emission reports.

What sets us apart is our ability to measure the nature footprint, assessing the broader environmental impact of business operations, including harm to water and ecosystems like sea and land use. We offer data licensing for over 45,000 emission factors necessary for carbon assessments, some of which are developed by recognized institutions. Through our platform, we make it easy to integrate calculation capabilities into your own solutions.

Ocean Nourishment Corporation ( Part of the Climate Salad)

IMG 3571 edited London Climate Technology Show 2023 - The Report

I’m Jill from the Ocean Nourishment Corporation, where we work on ocean carbon dioxide removal by replicating what whales do. Whales excrete nutrients into the ocean, which promote the growth of microscopic plants called phytoplankton. These phytoplankton photosynthesize and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When they die, they sink to the ocean bottom, sequestering carbon, and also form the base of the food chain. This cycle benefits carbon reduction, fish stocks, and impoverished communities.

Our team, known as Whale X, is a finalist in the Elon Musk X Prize for carbon removal. We’re exploring the development of a robotic whale to measure and disperse nutrients into the ocean, potentially from ships. The Guardian has covered our work, likening it to creating artificial whale excrement.

In essence, we’re mimicking nature’s process of nutrient distribution by designing a technology that emulates whale behavior, benefiting the environment and humanity.


IMG 3590 1 London Climate Technology Show 2023 - The Report

We’re Tilhill, established in 1948, and we’re the UK’s foremost woodland creation and management company, specializing in timber harvesting. Over the years, we’ve planted over a billion trees. In 2019, we launched Carbon Store in response to the government’s Woodland Carbon Code, which facilitates funding for tree planting. This program allows farmers and landowners to create resilient woodlands in the UK, which we manage on their behalf. These woodlands generate carbon credits that we connect with businesses seeking to offset their carbon emissions. Businesses purchase these credits from landowners, supporting local woodland projects and achieving high-quality carbon offsets.


IMG 3544 London Climate Technology Show 2023 - The Report

We started about three years ago with a mission to become the single source of truth for the carbon market. We realized that many companies seeking to offset emissions were using offsetting schemes that often lacked transparency and concrete information. As an independent verifier, we sit on top of rating agencies and registries to ensure accurate ratings for carbon projects. Our goal is to incentivize impactful investments in projects that effectively combat climate change.

Carbon projects are registered with agencies like the Gold Standard and Vera. These registries are quite binary in their assessments, either categorizing a project as good or not. However, we believe there’s a lot of nuance in between. We want to make sure companies investing significant funds in these schemes are supporting projects that genuinely deliver on their promises.


IMG 3611 London Climate Technology Show 2023 - The Report

GreenDice is an ecosystem that supports companies in making their communication technology, such as laptops and phones, more sustainable. These devices are essential tools for businesses, and responsible management is crucial. We help companies understand the environmental impact of these devices in terms of CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, we assist in extending the lifecycle of these devices, preventing unnecessary disposal for reporting purposes. Instead of destroying perfectly functional devices every two to three years, we take control of them. Companies provide us with these devices, and we assess their emissions impact comprehensively. Then, we offer these devices to our community of subscribers.

Our subscription-based community allows individuals and businesses to access these fully operational devices for an affordable monthly fee, as low as $6.90 per month for a laptop.

Apogee Associates Limited

Apogee edited London Climate Technology Show 2023 - The Report

Companies engaged in innovative projects, across various industries, have the opportunity to recover certain project-related costs from HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). Eligible costs include staff salaries for those working on innovation, materials for prototypes and testing, software expenses, and costs related to subcontractors. HMRC offers this incentive to stimulate innovation in the country. Historically, companies could recover between 19% and 33% of eligible R&D project costs, but recent changes have adjusted this range to approximately 8.6% to 27%.

Our role is to help companies identify eligible projects and create comprehensive reports that explain how the project meets HMRC’s R&D criteria. Once HMRC approves the report, they release the funds to the client. Companies need to have initiated the project to qualify for this tax relief.


Hiyeild edited London Climate Technology Show 2023 - The Report

We are digital product studio focused on creating websites, apps, and digital tools, and we are at the event to discuss our sustainable approach to development. Our goal is to minimize the carbon footprint of the digital solutions we create.

We’ve introduced a carbon report that we provide to clients after project completion, which outlines the carbon emissions associated with their project. This report educates clients about the environmental impact of their digital project and offers suggestions for reducing emissions in the future. Additionally, we offset the emissions by planting trees in the client’s name.

EnvironBuzz Magazine recognizes/showcases clients and other organizations, impacting our ecosystem positively. We are meeting the growing need among organizations and individuals for reliable and easy-to-understand information on how to be more sustainable/green. Organizations interested in showcasing their ideas, products , services and services reach out!

LF 154 London Climate Technology Show 2023 - The Report

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