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Looking to increase your reach? Find more clients? Expand your network? Get more funding? Showcase your events, initiatives, products, and services with us TODAY!

You can tap into our large network via our newsletter, social media sites, webinars, and online magazine.

EnvironBuzz showcases organizations that have a positive environmental or social impact. We will work with you to showcase your unique, green events, projects/products so you can continue to expand your reach and make the world a better place. 

Don’t have a project that positively impacts the environment or society?

We’ve got you. The EnvironFocus team will be delighted to assist you. EnvironFocus has a team of professionals that are experienced in the implementation of sustainable, adaptable, and flexible solutions that can be integrated into new or existing projects/programs using the best industry practices. 

Benefits of Showcasing Your Business With Us

  • Your organization will connect to the global sustainability scene, especially with a heightened sense of awareness and urgency to combat climate change and social inequality  
  • It will increase your organization’s visibility and its brand both locally and internationally
  • Allow you to aim for a specific demographic of sales
  • Improve your organization’s reputation for success and refinement 
  • Generate sales lead 
  • Create dynamic content for a social media marketing campaign for your business
  • Increase your return on investment
  • Expand your content strategy 

How to Showcase Your Business With Us

Option 1: EnvironBuzz Magazine – Editorial Post/ Group Posts/ Feature Post/ Newsletter Distribution/ Press Release

We offer organizations the option to feature their environmental and social impact initiatives, products, and services with EnvironBuzz Magazine – ranked Top 12th sustainability magazine on the web. Send an email to for a quote or more information.

  • Posts can have unlimited words and include images
  • Post will be featured on EnvironBuzz Magazine [see below for website traffic]
  • Posts will remain searchable by anyone on the web and remain on the EnvironBuzz website for a period one (1) year
  • Posts will be included in our weekly newsletter which is distributed to over +12,000 subscribers
  • Posts will be shared on all our social media platforms. Social media audience includes: +16000 Facebook fans; +2200 Instagram followers; +1300 Twitter followers
  • The recent figures on the web traffic for EnvironBuzz magazine are shown below:

EnvironBuzz Magazine Audience

Option 2: EnvironFocus Webinars

We offer organizations the option to feature their sustainable products and services during the monthly webinars organized by EnvironFocus Learning Centre from 11 am – 12:30 pm on the 3rd Thursday of the month. In the course of these webinars, we will facilitate a webcast (5 minutes) for your products and services to our webinar audience.

Our webinars attendees span various countries such as Nigeria, France, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Ghana, Cameroon, UAE, India, Germany and the United States. Attendees are typically professionals from government agencies, international NGOs, non-profit organizations and the private sector.

In addition to featuring your organization’s products and services during the webinar, access to the webinar will be granted free of charge for your clients. Clients can also take advantage of Article placement on EnvironBuzz at an additional cost to showcase their products and services.

Customized Webinar

We will produce a 1-hour webinar based on your organization’s products and services. We will develop the program/curriculum of the webinar and provide the required technical knowledge/expertise required to speak about the issue your product is addressing. Your organization/representative will be the main speaker to present your solution (either products or services or both) to the problem. The webinar will be open to your clients and our network. The webinar will be recorded, and you will have access to the recording for use in your marketing activities. In addition to featuring your organization’s products and services during the webinar, you will have the opportunity to feature your products and services on EnvironBuzz as a sustainability showcase post.

Send an email to for a quote or more information.

Option 3: Adverts

Adverts are open to any business or organization, and will be displayed on the EnvironBuzz website. Prices vary according to the size and location of the advert on the website.

Texts Ads could be located anywhere on the blog.

If you would like to advertise your business/product or gain more information, send an email to, or give us a call at 1-833-939-8435 or fill the form below.

Price Scheme

Pricing Scheme for Various Article Placements and Webinar

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