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Looking to increase your reach? Find more clients? Expand your network? Showcase your initiatives, products, and services with us TODAY!

You can tap into our large network via our newsletter, social media sites, and online magazine.

We showcase projects that have a positive environmental or social impact. We will work with you to showcase your unique, green, and sustainable projects so you can grow your business and make the world a better place. 

Don’t have a project that positively impacts the environment or society?

We got you. You will work with the EnvironFocus team. They are a team of professionals that implement sustainable, adaptable, and flexible solutions that can integrate into new or existing projects/programs using the best industry practices. 

Showcase your Business

1. Editorial Post/ Sponsored Post/ Group Posts/ Feature Post/ Newsletter Distribution/ Press Release

Feature your environmental and social impact initiatives, products, and services with EnvironBuzz Mag. Posts will remain searchable by anyone on the web and they remain on our website for a period two (2) years. Send an email to for a quote.

Our web traffic for the magazine for June and July is shown below:


Total Site Hits for June 2022 = 87,658
Total Page Views for June 2022 = 38,412

For an additional fee, we will share your post in our newsletter which goes out weekly to our +12,000 subscribers and our social media audience. Our audience include:

+16,000 Facebook fans

+1300 Twitter followers

+2200 Instagram followers

2. Webinar

We will organize and facilitate a webcast for your products and services. The webinar will run for 1 hour and it will be free for all your clients and will be open and showcased to our network.

Benefits to your organization

  • Your organization will connect to the global sustainability scene, especially with a heightened sense of awareness and urgency to combat climate change and social inequality and the recently concluded COP 26. 
  • This partnership can also be an expense in your marketing budget.
  • The webinar will be tailored to meet your needs. 
  • It will Increase your organization’s visibility and its brand internationally
  • Allow you to aim for a specific demographic of sales.
  • Improve your organization’s reputation for success and refinement 
  • Generate sales lead 
  • Create dynamic content for a social media marketing campaign for your business. 
  • Increase your return of investment
  • Expands your content strategy 

3. Adverts

Adverts are open to any business or organization

1. Sidebar Ads

USD 80 per month – 200 X 200 

USD 70 per month – 125 X 125 

2. Header Ads

USD 50 per month – 468 X 60 

3. Texts Ads

USD 40 per month 

Texts Ads could be located anywhere on the blog.

If you would like to advertise your business/product or gain more information, send an email to, give us a call at 1-833-939-8435 or fill form below.