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Circular Economy in Manufacturing

Today in manufacturing we follow a linear supply, distribution and consumption chain. This means it is a straight line from raw material, to consumption, and ultimately waste.  In this linear economy raw materials are extracted in unsustainable and sometimes even damaging ways. This includes the creation of quarries, destruction of […]

Food Packaging: Improving Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Food waste is an increasing global issue; with the introduction of new innovative food packaging, this issue has the potential to be absolved. It has been calculated that over one-third of food produced globally ends up as food waste. In the EU, that equates to around 100 million tons of […]

The Sustainability of Clothing Manufacturing

The clothing and textile manufacturing industry is a sector that has existed to some capacity for hundreds of years. Over time the manufacturing process has been streamlined and made highly cost-efficient to improve production rates and profit margins. However, these changes have exuded various health and environmental concerns worldwide. It […]

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