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Tag: Sustainability

Sustainable Manufacturing of Personal Products: Toothpaste Case Study

Personal products are the products we use daily. The first thing someone may think of when they hear “personal products” are products used in personal hygiene and personal care. These products have made themselves staples in our routine and as there aren’t often alternatives to these products, taking a look […]

Circular Economy in Manufacturing

Today in manufacturing we follow a linear supply, distribution and consumption chain. This means it is a straight line from raw material, to consumption, and ultimately waste.  In this linear economy raw materials are extracted in unsustainable and sometimes even damaging ways. This includes the creation of quarries, destruction of […]

Children’s Toys: Heavy Metals in Manufacturing

Children’s toys are pertinent to learning and understanding the world. Concern should strike when these toys start threatening instead of helping these children’s well-being. Many toys children play with worldwide often contain harmful materials and chemicals that threaten human health. Though research is still limited, it has been identified that […]

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