Water is Life - Operation Mmiri, An ESG Project

Water is Life – Operation Mmiri, An ESG Project

A business’s viability is no longer dependent on the products or services provided but is also significantly affected by the environmental and social impacts accompanying these products and services. This change results from business stakeholders (consumers, employees, communities, regulators, etc.) showing a growing interest in sustainability issues such as climate change, pollution, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, health and safety, working conditions, etc. and their impacts on business profit margins.

Despite this growing awareness, addressing environmental and social issues remains highly complex for several businesses. That is why EnvironFocus has committed to providing sustainability services to organizations and communities worldwide.

Safe drinking water is a priority all over the world. Safe Drinking Water Project: Operation Mmiri (water) was commissioned on July 20, 2021 made possible by Happy Dynamics Inc as their ESG project. Operation Mmiri is a water scheme located close to the Health Center in Alachara Mgbowo in Agwu LGA of Enugu State in Nigeria and to the community water is life! You can view a video of the operation and a message from the community and the donors below.

Operation Mmiri Video

A message from the Donors

Operation Mmiri was made possible by our donor, Happy Dynamics Inc. Below is a message from the donors.

We would like to highlight the benefit to the donors.  We weren’t expecting that the project, especially the video, would have such a profound effect on us.  The project is maybe our greatest accomplishment.  The accomplishment of a lifetime.

When we watched the video, we felt a rush of: happiness, satisfaction, giddiness, joyfulness, peacefulness, completeness, fulfillment, the anterior cingulate of my brain is stimulated, connection to the recipients, a gift from the heart not from the purse, a road to Damascus experience, all gifts come from God.  We felt blessed and full of grace.  All of these feelings still remain.

Philip and Eleanor

Information about the project can be viewed here. You can partner with us to provide any or all of the following: Instant Microbial Water Filters, Borehole/ Water Schemes, and Sanitation and Hygiene Workshops. Interested organizations can get in touch with us by emailing us at project@environfocus.com. You can also visit the website at www.environfocus.com/waterproject

Water is Life – Operation Mmiri, An ESG Project

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