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Webinar Recap: “Enabling Access to Quality Education for Sustainable Development.”

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On August 18th, 2022, EnvironFocus hosted our monthly sustainability webinar with this month’s topic “Enabling Access to Quality Education for Sustainable Development” This webinar focused on the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: Quality Education for All.

SDG 4:

An indispensable goal for the achievement of sustainable development is SDG 4: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” While “quality education” is a goal in itself, it is important to avoid regarding the 17 SDGs as fragmented. Many of the goals can, in fact, be interpreted as correlating with each other. For example, research on the benefits of education attainment shows that those with higher skill levels tend to secure better paid jobs, enjoy better health, be more involved in their communities, and practice more active citizenship. This suggests that education can act as a powerful catalyst to develop a more cohesive and equal society. 

For more information on SDG 4 and its targets, click here.

The Event:

The webinar event, hosted by Obie Agusiegbe, CEO of EnvironFocus, featured a presentation from expert guest panelists.

  • Ankwette Beatrice Achaleke, Founder and Managing Director of GloBUNTU Books & Multiple Award-Winning Serial Author of the “Africa for Smart Kids” Series. 

Beatrice presented on “The Imperative of Lifelong Learning for People of African Descent & 5 GloBUNTU Learning Principles.” Beatrice spoke of the work she has done to uplift African youth to be proud of their heritage, their countries, and themselves through becoming young authors.

GloBUNTU Books Image

 The five principles Beatrice included were: 

  1. I have the responsibility to learn as I journey through life. Learning opportunities are all around me, in nature, the people I meet, the environment I live in, and even the spaces I visit on social media. 
  2. Lifelong learning starts with knowing who I am and where I come from because it helps me shape where I am going. Learning about my history, culture and identity is essential because it determines how I show up in the world and how the world treats me. 
  3. Behind every challenge is an immense opportunity that awaits me. 
  4. As a lifelong learner, it is my responsibility to teach as I learn. 
  5. Lifelong learning works best when we build our own enabling tribes of like-minded teachers and learners. 

A memorable quote from Beatrice’s presentation: “I am a lifelong learning African who takes immense pride in my African identity, heritage, and legacy and I choose to sharpen my self-confidence, self-pride, self-esteem, self-love and presence through everything I do wherever I go.” 

Aisha spoke on the topic of “The Intersection of Gender and Education.” She highlighted some important facts, such as, while both out-of-school adolescent boys and girls face social and economic marginalization, out-of-school girls are at greater risk of early and forced marriage and health risks, including adolescent childbearing. Aisha noted that gender and education intersect with other cross-cutting issues including: social norms, leadership, equal rights, gender expectations, non-discrmination, and non-violence. She explained how equitable gender education can have many benefits such as empowering both girls and boys with the development of life skills like self-management, communication, critical thinking, and closing gap skills that perpetuate pay gaps. She further noted how equitable gender education can build prosperity for entire communities and countries at large. 

Aisha provided gender education examples of the work she has done to empower women in the workforce with lifelong skills as a consultant at Sahei Livelihood Center for Women Empowerment. Sahei has trained many women in income generating activities like building charcoal briquettes, tailoring, and soap-making. Aisha has also worked with Sahei to raise awareness and provide education on Gender Based Violence (GBV) responses and mitigation strategies. 

Sahei Gender Development Initiative Image
  • Angelica Ramoutar, Education and Outreach Coordinator at EnvironFocus Knowledge and Cultural Exchange Program (EKCEP). 

Angelica gave an informational presentation on how education can further the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. She introduced the EKCEP program, a transformative youth education program that provides an avenue for teachers and youth from developed and developing countries to work together in solving sustainability issues affecting continents. The goal of EKCEP is to develop self-confidence within the students in understanding their role as youths in aiding the achievement of the UN 2030 Agenda and their connection to poverty alleviation, self-growth, and increased willingness to transfer and apply knowledge learnt in their communities. 

Angelica discussed how the EKCEP program serves to meet SDG 4 Target 7 which is focused on ensuring that all learning acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship, and appreciation of cultural diversity. To learn more about EKCEP click here

EKCEP Presentation Image

A memorable quote from Angelica’s presentation: “Through EKCEP and SDG 4 we can ensure that today’s youth are educated on the importance of learning about the environment but also provide youth with equal opportunities and empower young individuals to be lifelong independent learners.” 

Thank You!

EnvironFocus thanks our speakers for sharing their expert knowledge with us and creating an atmosphere of learning and thoughtful discussion.

We also thank all who attended this event. We hope that you found this webinar informative and worthwhile.

Webinar Preview

To pay for the full video, visit our webinar recordings page on our website. 

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